3DS romset question

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3DS romset question

Post by klepp0906 »

I have a set of no-intro 3ds roms. Decrypted. Named properly using the no-intro naming convention. (looked inside the dat to make sure).

Romcenter (the dat) pegs them all as an unknown game. Evidently due to the CRC not matching.

I'm unsure if the decryption process is what alters the crc, or what my options are at this point? Can these be vetted based on the filename alone? Can the crc be altered to fall in line? (i imagine not).

Just trying to figure out what my options are.
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Re: 3DS romset question

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Crc is calculated taken from the zip header if the file is zipped. It is calculated from the binary content else.
For console dat, a plugin can be use to calculate the crc of the game code only, skipping the cartridge copier header. This way, the crc remains the same whatever cartridge copier is used. Of course, the dat must be build using the same plugin, or using rom without header.
If no plugin is specified in the dat, romcenter asks if you want to use one when loading dat.

In your case, try to not use any plugin.
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