Romcenter 4 release candidate 1.1 released

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Romcenter 4 release candidate 1.1 released

Post by RomCenter » Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:47 pm

Here is a bugs fix for 4.0 rc1.

You can report issues directly here. You can also vote for your favorites work items.

Note: the romcenter log file location is displayed in the log window at startup.
Feel free to visit the forum if you need help.

RomCenter 4.0.0.rc1.1

  • #45 attempt to fix 'the underlying provider failed on open'
  • #62 demul dat import
  • #60 Some roms not imported when filtering dat
  • 'string truncation' exception when importing files with long extension
  • index in collection change event is not valid
  • sequence contains no matching element
  • 'An entry with the same key already exists' crash when refreshing path
  • '1g1r' or 'keeppcl' checkboxes not disabled when needed
  • current filter not always loaded when updating db
  • double dat loading when using filter
  • incorrect dat xml line in error msg
  • filter not reset when re-opening it
  • wrong newline char in dialog msg
  • crash when no treenodes after pb in loading
  • Prevent double click on create db buttons
  • default filter applied even when no filter checked
  • Set default filename to save dialog, replace wrong dialog on emul exe selection.
  • Missing yellow status
  • Error loading datafiles with trailing spaces
Free download here

Have a look at the quick start tutorial video on how to start fixing roms with romcenter.

Eric - RomCenter developer

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