Romcenter 4 beta 11 released

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Romcenter 4 beta 11 released

Post by RomCenter » Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:18 pm

Here is the beta 11 of romcenter 4. This is probably the last beta version. Next one will be a 'release candidate'.
Thank you for using romcenter.

Although this version is stable, this is still a beta version. Be carefull with your files.
You can report issues or improvments directly here. You can also vote for your favorites work items.

Note: the romcenter log file location is displayed in the log window at startup.
Feel free to visit the forum if you need help.

RomCenter 4.0.0.beta 11
  • New filters features when creating or updating games database
    - Filter is now available for all dat and exe
    - When you select an exe (mame.exe, raine.exe) as datafile and open the filter dialog, roms list are now extracted and parsed.
    - Roms countries can now be extracted from game description.
    - Add new zealand and yougoslav countries
    - Add 'keepall' checkbox
    - Add 'Tosec convention' naming for filtering
  • New captions in status bar
    - Add merge status
    - Add plugin name
    - Hide emul name in startup view
  • 'send a beer' button
  • Reload files when plugin changed. This is needed if the new dat use a different plugin.
  • Merge updatedb and newdb dialog
    - This allow to change db filename when doing a simple update.
    - Old db filter settings are used when updating
  • Speed up games filtering
  • Speed up rom import and add progress bar
  • Add rompath availability check
  • Add different devices icons in treeview
    - network/usb/hdd/cdrom devices
    - device found / not found
  • upgrade ribbon to v5
  • Finished options dialog
    - Add pause dos
    - Add dialog confirmation options
    - Clean up
  • Use a new busy indicator on views and filter
  • Code clean up
    - Upgrade packages
    - Major refactoring
    - Fix build warning
    - Remove unused components
    - Upgrade db engine. This fix some memory errors.
  • Sometimes duplicated files in view
  • Disable '1g1r' and 'keep parent clones' options when no clones
  • Filter not always saved
  • '*.dat' files not showing in update file dialog
  • '*.xml' files not showing in file selection dialog
  • Treeview not refreshed after adding samplepath
  • 'Null reference' error with invalid dat
  • Error dialog with 'access denied' files
  • Change shutdown order. This fix a closing view problem.
  • Change views creation order. This fix random exception.
Free download here

Have a look at the quick start tutorial video on how to start fixing roms with romcenter.


Eric - RomCenter developer

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Re: Romcenter 4 beta 11 released

Post by Wanderer » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:45 am

Great news. Thanks for it. Downloading...
- Wanderer -

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