How do filters work (almost certainly a dumb question)

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How do filters work (almost certainly a dumb question)

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I'm new to Romcenter, and trying to figure it out. My goal is to audit my roms to create a perfect set of North American releases for a particular console. No hacks. Games that were released in NA and other regions are fine, but I want to weed out games that were only released outside of the US.

The steps I took were:
  1. Selected new database
  2. Selected the No-Intro NES dat as the source.
  3. Under Set Filters>Regions, I selected Keep Parent/Clone Relationship
  4. Chose USA and Canada in the regions and clicked OK
  5. Chose an output directory for corrupted files
Now, to my mind, because of steps 2 and 3, when I hit create the database, it should create a dat that fits what I'm looking for. But when I look at the games list, there are still a number of japanese games, as well as a number of European versions of US games (for example, I see both "Darkwing Duck (USA)" as well as "Darkwing Duck (Europe)"). Am I misunderstanding something?

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Re: How do filters work (almost certainly a dumb question)

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What you do seems ok.
I will check if there is something wrong.
Eric - RomCenter developer
Report bugs here.

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