Nes rom question

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Nes rom question

Post by ferze » Sat Nov 06, 2004 12:25 pm


first of all; i'm very happy to find the forum online back again.

my question: whats the meaning of nes roms like :

Super Mario Bros (JU) (PRG0).nes
Super Mario Bros (JU) (PRG1).nes

ok, both are roms of the world edition, but whats the meaning of PRG0 and PRG1 ?
there are many roms like theese. i could not find any information in goodcodes.txt about this.

thx, ferze

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Post by Dweezledap » Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:33 am

These are the version numbers stamped on top of the actual chips in the NES cart. (PRG 1 CHR 0)

NES Software consists of a PRG-ROM (Program ROM) which is the code area and a CHR-RAM (Character RAM) which is the pattern table.
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