RomCenter 3.7.1 released

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RomCenter 3.7.1 released

Post by RomCenter » Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:29 am

RomCenter 3.7.1 released !



What's new from 3.7.1
- Fix problem in datafile import in some datafiles (crc inconsistencies)

What's new from 3.6.4
- Fix memory error while renaming big 7zip roms
- Add sha-1 processor to handle duplicated crc
- Add sha-1 plugin
- Improve 7zip and zip renaming engine
- Update cps1, cps2, cps3 and neogeo datafiles (mame 0.146)
- Add sega model 1, model 2, model 3, system 16, system 32, naomi and stv datfiles
- Add Taito F2, F3 and ZN datafiles

:arrow: Download:
- Download romcenter 3.7.1: windows installer (preferred)
- Download romcenter 3.7.1: portable version (no installer)

:arrow: Translations:
- French
- Hungarian
- Japanese
- German
- Missing translation ? see here

:arrow: A quick start guide:
(see the wiki for a tutorial)

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