Unexpected error : System.OutOfMemoryException

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Unexpected error : System.OutOfMemoryException

Post by SFX Group » Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:38 pm

Hi, please see image.

over 30000 files selected, it needs to "rename" about 15000 as they have _0.

If the error is left on the screen it appears to continue with the renaming / merging, however it appears to do this alot when rename / merge files are needed... ive selected 60 and 300 and still get the same issue, i cant tell if it did anything at this point as yet.

How ive been getting around this issue is:
- Copy half of the files that need to be merged (the ones with the wrong names (YELLOW)) to another clean folder in Romcenter
- Fixing all those files so that they have the correct name
- Using Windows Explorer to then manually copy all the now fixed files back and overright the good ones (as i know they are ok)
- Back in RomCenter and refresh both paths which clears the "temp" path i used and updates the real one
- Very long work around when its over 10000 files but the only way i can do it

Many Thanks

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Re: Unexpected error : System.OutOfMemoryException

Post by RomCenter » Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:29 pm

Next version should improve this iirc.
Also related is the 32/64b problem. 64b version should remove any memory problems, but for now, plugins are not compatible...
Eric - RomCenter developer

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